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Bringing Regenerative Medicine into the classroom!
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Our Cells, Our Selves

The Immunology Activities accompany the movie “Our Cells, Our Selves“, playing currently at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh PA.

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Each activity was designed to be implemented in groups of 4-6. However, the number of students in a group can be adjusted for bigger or smaller classrooms. Each activity can be taught independently on in conjunction with other lessons in a unit.

All materials were designed according to the National Standards.

Immune System Activities Standards (pdf)

Our Cells, Our Selves - lesson plan, educationAll materials were designed to reinforced the materials taught in the movie Our Cells, Our Selves, available through this website.

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"Our Cells, Our Selves" Movie Guide

The Movie Guide helps integrate the movie into class room, includes directions to pause the movie and discuss different topics.

"Our cells, our selves" movie guide for students (pdf) "Our cells, our selves" movie guide for teachers (pdf)


The Immunology Module

This packet includes several lesson plans:


Activity Summary Students will discover ther relationship between metabolism and the energy we get from food, by growing yeast cultures in pop bottles with varying amounts of sugar. Students will also be introduced to the various kinds of common sugars and the importance of eating healthily. Hands-on.
Time 20-30 min

Sergeant Cell’s Immune System Defense Team Webquest

Activity Summary Comparing immune cells with a police team, the webquest activity guides students to research the immune system online. At the end of their research, students will create “Profiles” for the molecule or cell of their choice.On-line research.
Time 30-45 min

A perfect fit!

Activity Summary Students will explore the role of shape-matching in every process of the immune system using salt dough clay. Hands-on.
Time 30-40 min

You Make Me Sick!

Activity Summary In this immunology board game, students will gain understanding about the immune system, basic transmission and common diseases. " Students use their new found knowledge to win points (and a stronger immune system)! Game.
Time 30-40 min

Download Description of Immune System Activities (pdf) Download Immunology Module - Teacher Pages (pdf) Download Immunology Module - Student Pages (pdf)Download extra You Make Me Sick! Materials (zip)

The Evolution of Metabolism - a Puzzle Race

Students will discover the evolution of organisms with more than one cell, and understand the basic processes of metabolism. In a fun game, teams of students compete to build increasingly more complex organisms.

Download Puzzle Race (pdf)


Feel free to use as many activities as you want!

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