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Our Cells, Our Selves

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Shots from the movie

Shots from the movie. Top left: the main character Sylvie; top right: cells in the pancreas; bottom left: swallowing cells in the ocean; and, bottom right: immune cells near the lining of the intestine.

Eating and being from the depths of the Ocean to inside the human body: How the immune system may have given rise to juvenile diabetes.

In "Our Cells, our Selves" we are invited to a science bedtime story with 7-year old Sylvie who is discovering the wonders of the immune system. Sylvie's mother tells a story that takes us back hundreds of millions of years to explore Life's balance of consuming food while avoiding dangerous bacteria.

Take a journey with a few familiar (and some very unfamiliar) organisms to see how these mechanisms evolved to what we have in humans. We also discover that under rare circumstances, auto-immune diseases can arise like Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.

"Our Cells, Our Selves" played at Carnegie Science Center in 2009-10.

Available as a DVD and as a fulldome planetarium show.
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