Our Cells, Our Selves

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Shots from the movie

Shots from the movie. Top left: the main character Sylvie; top right: cells in the pancreas; bottom left: swallowing cells in the ocean; and, bottom right: immune cells near the lining of the intestine.

Eating and being from the depths of the Ocean to inside the human body: How the immune system may have given rise to juvenile diabetes.

In "Our Cells, our Selves" we are invited to a science bedtime story with 7-year old Sylvie who is discovering the wonders of the immune system. Sylvie's mother tells a story that takes us back hundreds of millions of years to explore Life's balance of consuming food while avoiding dangerous bacteria.

Take a journey with a few familiar (and some very unfamiliar) organisms to see how these mechanisms evolved to what we have in humans. We also discover that under rare circumstances, auto-immune diseases can arise like Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.

"Our Cells, Our Selves" is currently playing everyday at 4pm at the CSC and is available for school reservations. For show time confirmation and other information please visit Carnegie Science Center.

Bring this movie to your school or museum!

Available as a DVD and as a fulldome planetarium show.
Please contact John Pollock at pollock@duq.edu.

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