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The Spiral of Life is a new symbol for evolution that emphasizes the common origin of all living things.

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Please note sizes listed are the original mural size, posters will be smaller.

Spiral of Life I: From Darwin to Today
Spiral of Life I

Spiral of Life I: From Darwin to Today
Carnegie Science Center
App. 4ft x 4 ft
February 2009
Thanks to Azur Cherin, Mike Hennessy and whole team at the Carnegie Science Center.
Located on the 4th floor, next to "Ask Darwin"

Spiral of Life II: Plant and Animal Co-Evolution
Spiral of Life II

Spiral of Life II: Co-Evolution of Plants and Animals
Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh PA
30 x 40in
April -August 2009
Thanks to Laura Micco, Sarah Presogna, Margie Radebaugh and Kelliann Walsh
Located in the Gallery

Spiral of Life II: Plant and Animal Co-Evolution
Spiral of Life III

Spiral of Life III: Animal Evolution
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquariums
18 ft x 10 ft
July 2009
Education advisor Dave Mintz
Thanks to
Connie George, Tracy Gray, Jennifer Hicks, Mark Reardon, Margie Marks and Kevin O'Connell
Located in the Kid's Kingdom, Worlds of Discovery building

Spiral of Life: DNA and Evolution
Spiral of Life IV:

Spiral of Life IV: DNA and Evolution
App. 22x 24 in
Developed for DNA Day 2009
Exhibited at all Darwin2009 partner institutions

Darwin2009: Spiral of Life
Spiral of Life V: Bird Evolution

Spiral of Life V: Bird Evolution
National Aviary, Pittsburgh PA
App. 7 ft x 6 ft
July 2009
Thanks to Erin Estell, Todd Kazner, Steve Sarro, Caitlin Stone
Thanks to the advice of Matt Lamanna, Brad Livezey


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Posters for Spiral of Life: Evolution and Darwin art
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Spiral of Life

What is the Spiral of Life?

Mural series


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Sources for Spiral of Life mural series

Please download the document below for sources consulted to created this project:
Bibliography for Spiral of Life Download sources for the Spiral of Life project (pdf)

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