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Most Darwin2009 events are now over, see below for permanent installations or check our past events.

Carnegie Science Center Carnegie Science Center

Darwin’s ready to take your questions!

Darwin Synthetic Interview

Time: Permanent Installation
Where: 4th floor (temporarily down)

Have you ever wanted to just ask Darwin what he did or how? Now, with the aid of synthetic interview technology, and 199 questions compiled from the inquiring public of Pittsburgh, you can! Created by Duquesne University and the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center, the Darwin Synthetic Interview brings Darwin to life to answer questions about his life, career, family, hobbies, travels, evolution, religion and beyond!
See movies of the installation in action and how actor Randy Kovitz was transformed into Darwin »

Our Cells, our Selves

Time: Call 412-237-3400 to book
Where: Buhl Planetarium

Journey back in time to discover how the immune system and metabolism evolved side-by-side in this immersive bedtime science story. Explore the possibilities that regenerative medicine holds to cure autoimmune diseases like Type I Diabetes. Praised by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for its “awe-inspiring detail,” this full dome high-definition planetarium show is a lush and colorful mix of digital animation that engages audiences of all ages. See trailer and more information »

Evolution of Life: From Darwin to Today

Part of the Spiral of Life Mural Series
Time: now on display
Where: next to the “Ask Darwin” kiosk (temporarily down)

Discover how the numerous life forms on earth have originated from a common ancestor, and how because of this amazing evolution, life is so diverse in form and function. Visit this colorful mural, "Spiral of Life I: From Darwin to Today," and explore the evolution of some of Darwin’s favorite animals of observation on the Galapagos Islands - the beetle, the iguana, the tortoise and many others.
Part of the Spiral of Life Mural Series »

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Zoo  Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Spiral of Life: Animal Evolution Mural

Zoo Spiral
Draw an animal and find out where it fits in the Spiral of Life!

Part of the Spiral of Life Mural Series
Time: now on display
Where: Discovery Building in Kid’s Kingdom

Tour the Pittsburgh Zoo and observe the characteristics of different animals - do they have backbones? Do they live in land or water? What do they eat?

Visit the“Spiral of Life III: Animal Evolution" mural at the Discovery Building, and add your favorite animal! Just like Darwin did, consider the characteristics of your favorite animal (with a helpful chart and a guide from the Zoo), and find out where it fits in the evolution of life! Draw your animal – but can you think of an animal that’s not yet in the mural?
Part of the Spiral of Life Mural Series

The mural activity is currently not running.

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Aviary  National Aviary

Spiral of Life: Bird Evolution Mural

Time: now on display
Where: located near Penguin Point

Did you know that birds descend from dinosaurs? “Spiral of Life V: Bird Evolution” highlights the first appearance of birds almost 150 million years ago. Explore the lineage of kiwis, cardinals, penguins, eagles, birds of paradise and many more of our feathered friends while touring the National Aviary’s collection.
Part of the Spiral of Life Mural Series »

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On-going events

Spiral of Life

Darwin Synthetic Interview

The Spiral of Life represents a new understanding of evolution, emphasizing the common origin, and the equality of all livings things.
Learn more here »

Our Cells, Our Selves

Eating and being from the depths of the Ocean to inside the human body - This movie played at the planetarium in the Carnegie Science Center and is now available on DVD.
Topics: evolution, immune system, diabetes type 1
Learn more here »

Darwin Synthetic Interview

Darwin Synthetic Interview

What would you ask Darwin? This kiosk at the Carnegie Science Center lets you ask 199 questions of a virtual Darwin and a roster of modern experts.
Learn more here »

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