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Educational materials to teach about evolution and Darwin

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Darwin Synthetic Interview: Chatting with DarwinDarwin Synthetic Interview Software

Software available for PC or Mac.

Ever wanted to ask Darwin what he was all about? Now you can! This software allows students to ask Darwin about his life, travels, science and religion. Modern experts weigh in on subjects to give a contemporary perspective.

Horse Evolution Foot ModelsHorse Feet Models

Set of 4 horse feet models.

Did you know horses used to be smaller than some birds? Use these horse feet models to discover the dramatic evolution of this animal, and the role the environment in the process in a fun demonstration and hands-on activity!

Our Cells, Our Selves Movie

Available as a DVD.

In this science bedtime story, 7-year old Sylvie discovers the wonders of the immune system, and how it evolved side-by-side with metabolism through ancient and modern organisms.

Also available by request as a planetarium show at the Buhl Planetarium in the Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh PA.

Posters for Spiral of Life: Evolution and Darwin artSpiral of Life Posters

Posters can be purchased individually or as a set.

Some concepts need a strong image to come across, and the Spiral of Life series was created to showcase the cutting edge of evolution in an accessible and exciting way. This series was developed as murals for several Pittsburgh cultural institutions like the Carnegie Science Center and the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium.

Capture the imagination of your students with a Spiral of Life poster. The posters available are: "Spiral of Life I: From Darwin to Today," "Spiral of Life II: Plant and Animal Co-Evolution," "Spiral of Life III: Animal Evolution," "Spiral of Life IV: DNA and Evolution," and "Spiral of Life V: Bird Evolution."

Lesson plans, hands-on activities about Darwin, evolution, natural selection, geneticsLesson Plans

Available on CD or download for free >>

Bring Darwin2009 to your school or home no matter where you live! With background information for teachers, classroom lectures, discussions, hands-on activities and self-guided tours of your area's zoo and/or aviary.

The CD includes all national lesson plans. Also includes "DNA and Evolution" a collection of hands-on activities K-12 to introduce genetics and evolution.

Lesson plans, hands-on activities about Darwin, evolution, natural selection, geneticsLesson Plans Especially for Pittsburgh!

Available on CD or download for free >>

If you're in Pittsburgh, take your students to visit Darwin2009 partner museums to learn about evolution!

The CD contains all lesson plans, including suggested tours of your favorite cultural institutions. Also includes "DNA and Evolution" a collection of hands-on activities K-12 to introduce genetics and evolution.

DNA and Evolution activities for all agesDNA and Evolution

Download each activity for free >>

Darwin revolutionized biology with the principle of evolution, but there was still much he didn't know! Mendel and Punnett are scientists whose work led to another revolution, the field of genetics. Discover with these short hands-on activities the perfect way of introducing the topic in your classroom.

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Darwin2009: In Museums and Classrooms

Darwin2009 included the development of lesson plans and educational activities with our partners the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Science Center, the National Aviary, Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium and the Children's Museum. Each institution offered a unique perspective to discover evolution, and the exhibits and materials created have now been adapted both for the Pittsburgh audience and across the nation.

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